We live in an age when thin people are considered more attractive than those who are overweight. Many people, however, have problems with maintaining their optimal weight, their weight is a little too high. Not everyone is able to adhere to strict diets or actively cultivate physical activity. Among other things for these people they created special supplements enabling lose weight.

Manufacturers of such speciments often rely on similar solutions. In the table below we present slimming products containing the African mango. The fruit has many health features, including reduced cholesterol and prevents inflammation. Main effect, however, speeds up fat burning and reducee food intake. We tested several products containing the extract of this fruit and we present a selection of   the best five.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the best means for containing the African mango weight loss!

1. African Mango

africanomangoRanking opens the African Mango – preparation of valued Key Player Limited company, distinguished by an unusual concentration of extract of African mango. In each table we will find 2000 mg of the active ingredient. Thanks to it helps maintain optimal body weight better than its competitors product.

The active ingredient Irviginia Gabonensis speeds up the body burn excess fat and prevents build-up of a new one, thanks to it, it accelerated metabolism. Included in the African Mango dietary fiber aids digestion effectively. The preparation is comple- tely safe, it contains only natural ingredients without unnecessary fillers. Comprehensive action is reflected in the popularity of the product.

The African Mango testers praised their subtlety of its actions. They did not feel any physical or mental discomfort relating to drug capsules. Results also are satisfactory- regular use allowed to drop more than five percent of body weight. The incredible effectiveness makes the African Mango lands firmly in first place in our ranking.



2. African Mango Plus

africanmangoplusAnother product that we present is African Mango Plus. Advertising campaigns of the speciments are based on the fact that African mango gained Hollywood and more and more celebrities use this safe ingredient for weight loss. The snag lies in the fact that we generally talk about the fruit and not of the individual product.

The composition of African Mango Plus is not surprising, this is another product which contains an extract from the African mango. As a result, capsules can quickly burn fat from the abdomen and buttocks and speeding up metabolism. After a few weeks of taking it you can notice expected decline in kilograms.

Our tests have confirmed the effectiveness of African Mango Plus. Clearly you can see the effect of accelerated metabolism, fat actually burns. However, the downside of the preparation is that after use it , the patients complained of decreased energy levels, they were tired, apathetic. Therefore, we decided to reduction the final evaluation.


3. African Mango Meltdown

africanmangomeltownManufacturers the capsules of African Mango Meltdown provide weight loss of more than six kilograms after a month of taking the preparation. It’s really promising result. But is it possible to achieve, or is it just a marketing mush? We decided to find out about it

Included in the African Mango Meltdown ingredients act as appetite suppressants. This means that taking them allows to reduce food intake. As you might guess, the less you eat, the easier it is to lose weight. The capsules facilitate the use of demanding diets because you feel less hungry.

Unfortunately, the tests did not confirm the full effectiveness of the capsules. African Mango Meltdown weakens the truth hunger but not to such an extent that they would expect to get assurances from the manufacturer. Losing weight is not as drastic as promised so we were forced to reduce the final evaluation.


4. African Mango Mangodrin-SF

mangodrinAfrican Mango Capsules Mangodrin-SF is the next of speciments containing the extract of African mango. Manufacturers called it “a revolutionary fat burner”.Is this statement not a little exaggerated?

In addition to the African Mango, African Mango Mangodrin-SF also contains another active ingredient, named Cissus Quadrangularis- plant used in traditional Indian medicine. This combination allows to speed up metabolism and burn fat without compromising the overall body health at the same time.

However, it turns out that even such a unique combination of ingredients would not achieve such good results, as in the case of previous ingredients. The effect of African Mango Mangodrin-SF does not rather go beyond the border of a placebo, so it is not worth spending money on it.


5. Futurebiotics African Mango

futurebiotisWe decided to leave the Futurebiotics African Mango preparation at the end. This time, the producers used a different tactic, the capsule does not contain other active ingredients or auxiliary beyon extract of African mango. The composition does not have even commonly added caffeine.

The Futurebiotics serves its purpose well,it means, it speeds up the metabolism and reduce appetite. Unfortunately, no additional components causes that the patients taking them for a long time feel fatigue and irritability. In addition, the content of an extract from mango is not very high (only 150 mg per capsule), therefore, the effects are not fully satisfactory. That is why they have the low score.



Several months of tests have shown that most of the products described above performs’s African Mango Key Player Limited. Other measures are also effective, but only these capsules clearly stand out in terms of the offered results. Of course, the final choice is yours, the above ranking is to be an indication which speciment you will choose. Good luck with your weight loss!